Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare

We were planning to make the book chapter on Macbeth from the Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare available for Culture Hack Scotland but unfortunately we ran out of time. Although the text for this book is readily available in PDF and other formats, there was no usable format for programmers to easily work with and mash with other content. We set out to mark up the text using a combination of automated and manual processing to create a useful version in XML which lends itself to computer processing. Information and the text itself have been added to the data page for Culture Hack Scotland.

The marked up text of Macbeth supplied to Culture Hack Scotland was very successful at inspiring the creative programmers taking part including the team winning the top prize with their Shakey app: a Massively Multiplayer, Real Time, Macbeth Parlour game. This Asimov text complements the Macbeth text so well that it would have been a shame to keep it to ourselves. Hopefully, it will fuel further imaginative developments now and at future hack events.



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