Will’s World Hack: The Presentations

We have just held our presentation/Show & Tell session for the Will’s World Hack. Whilst we await our fabulous judges’ decisions we thought you would like to see what has been created over the last 7 days.

Below you will find links to the Google+ hangout – a wee bit anarchic due to some technical challenges – as well as links to three pre-recorded presentations. We will be reflecting on the event and the technologies used here on the blog but this post is all about saying a huge THANK YOU to our fabulous hack participants and showcasing their fantastic work:

Pre-recorded presentations:

Shaun Hare’s Sentiment Analysis

Kate Ho and Tom Salyer’s Second Screen App:

Kate Ho’s Infographic on Shakespeare Popularity:

You can view more information on ALL of the hacks created over on the Will’s World Wiki Current Hacks page.


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